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Lafwa Decker and Old Dominion Terriers is the passion project of two siblings, Lana and Ryan. We have always loved dogs, as companions and as helpers! We love that there are hundreds of breeds of dogs to match each person's lifestyle and desired qualities, and this breed matches ours. We first came across Decker and Old Dominion Terriers when Lana and her parents were living in rural Haiti as missionaries and they were looking for a dog that would do well outdoors in summer temperatures, control the rodent population, and also be a loving family dog. These dogs are all of that and more!
Their medium size serves them well with amazing athleticism and agility, while packed with strength and intelligent minds. Their short coat is easy to take care of and gives them a sleek, stunning look. We love this breed and are excited to be a part of the journey of preserving these lines and establishing ODT for generations to come!

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Located in Northwest Indiana

(219) 204-1583

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